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About Us


"Chain of happiness" I-ne is a 21st-Century model of venture corporation that gives you a wide range of services in both within and outside of Japan from develop and manufacture own brand, sales strategy and plan, to wholesale, retail and distribution.
Our most important contribution is using our products to bring joy to our customers and their families. The joy felt by our customers and their families is linked to the spread of prosperity, through improved employment and profitability, among our business partners, their families, our local community, and our employees and their families.



  • 財務企画部
  • 情報戦略部
  • 人事総務部

We manage business resources such as "people, goods, money, and information " as an indirect department all at once. Each division such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Labor, General Affairs, Legal Affairs, Information System, etc. play important parts that together make the heart of the company.


  • マーケティング部
  • サプライチェーンマネジメント部

経営理念であるChain of Happinessを実現する為に、日々、目まぐるしく移り変わるマーケット動向や新しく生まれる大量の情報の中から本質的なニーズを見出し、独自の戦略に落とし込み、市場に新しい価値を提供することを追求しています。
Our Marketing Division consists of brand management, product development and quality control, research and development, and supply chain management.
Living by our management philosophy 'Chain of Happiness', we analyze large amounts of new information daily, finding essential needs from the rapidly changing market trends and adapting them in our own strategies. We aim to provide a never-before-seen value to the global market.


  • ブランディング戦略部
  • コミュニケーション戦略部

Listening to consumer demands and trends, our Branding Division embodies the essence of our brands, increasing brand value with brand direction, web design, filmmaking, and social media. We aim to create a connection between our brands and customers, pursuing the daily goal of creating more fans of our products.


  • ブランドプロモーション部
  • 営業部
  • ECセールス部
  • カスタマーサポート部
  • セールスプロモーション部

オンライン・オフラインの販売を担っています。 オンラインでは、自社サイトおよび楽天市場やAmazon等の国内主要ネットモールを中心に、通販事業を行っています。店舗運営業務をはじめ、WEBデザインやコーディング、マーケティング等を担当し、常に最前線の店舗作り・商品展開をモットーとしています。
Responsible for online and offline sales.
Our e-commerce business takes place on major platforms such as our company’s official site, Rakuten Ichiba, Amazon, and other well-established domestic online shopping malls. Starting from online shop management, our business is now in charge of aspects such as web design, coding, and marketing. Our motto is to develop the latest cutting-edge techniques for developing products and e-commerce shops.
Our offline sales deals with negotiations of introducing our products to businesses and retail stores. Furthermore, we provide promotion proposals to stores that have our products in stock. By introducing brands and products that fit into their respective markets, we strive to deliver I-ne’s products directly to our customers.