We will continue challenging ourselves to bring a society overflowing with the "Chain of Happiness" through beautiful and innovative approaches. ​

IAt I-ne, we revolutionize brand actions and societal initiatives to beautify people, society, and the Earth. Through every facet of our brand activities, we strive to contribute towards a sustainable world where the "Chain of Happiness" cascades, encompassing our customers, business partners, employees, their families, society, and the planet.

Corporate Philosophy


About I-ne

As Social Beauty Innovators, we are dedicated to creating Japanese brands that wow the world and continue to take on the challenge of achieving a society overflowing with the "Chain of Happiness."

Business Model


We offer a range of brands focused on haircare, beauty devices, and skincare, all aimed at unlocking the beauty potential of the people, society, and the planet.


ESG Initiatives

Guided by our MISSION, "We are Social Beauty Innovators for Chain of Happiness," we are dedicated to pursuing six materialities and goals.


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