Corporate History

March 2007 I-ne Co., Ltd. (1 million yen investment) was established in Takarazuka City in Hyogo Prefecture, as a mobile e-commerce and internet advertising agency.
December 2008 Set up Osaka branch
January 2015 Set up Tokyo branch
July 2016 Merged with partner companies Mainline Co., Ltd. and Tenderly Co., Ltd.
November 2016 Merged with Brighter Co., Ltd.
June 2017 Relocated head office (Osaka)
October 2017 Established VUEN Co., Ltd.
April 2018 Established Fukuoka sales office
July 2019 Established the limited liability company Endian with Coca-Cola (Japan) Company, Limited
November 2019 Relocated head office (Nakanoshima, Osaka)
July 2020 Established I-ne Cosmetics Shanghai CO.,LTD.
September 2020 Listed on TSE Mothers