Business Model

Creating Japanese Brands that Wow the World

We handle all aspects of our in-house brand, from brand management, product planning, wholesale and retail strategies, marketing and advertising, and distribution, ensuring a wide range of products for our customers.

BUSINESS CONTENTSConsistent and Cohesive Brand Development: From Concept to Distribution

Our mission is to take on the entire process, from development to distribution, primarily focusing on consumer goods. Through our products, we aim to bring happiness to end users both domestically and internationally.
We constantly monitor daily market trends to rapidly produce products without compromising quality or price. Additionally, our strategic marketing approach encompasses anticipating future trends, implementing creative promotions, and innovative sales methods to enhance the value of our products. We aspire to become the world’s leading global company using our strengths.

Product Development

Market research, concept development, and collaborative OEM partnerships. We uncover our customers’ underlying needs and deliver new value to domestic and international markets.


We craft branding strategies that span from product launch to long-term development. By internalizing all creative aspects of our products, we elevate their value and add an extra touch of distinction.

Direct-to-consumer retail: e-commerce

We primarily operate e-commerce through our website and major domestic online marketplaces such as Rakuten and Amazon. We continuously strive to challenge ourselves in creating cutting-edge online stores.

Wholesale strategy

We also engage in discussions with corporate clients and retailers to introduce our products and make them available in drugstores and variety shops. These retailers then stock our products, making them accessible to end-users.

Digital marketing, PR

We conduct media outreach to TV, web, magazines, and other platforms and organize sampling events to increase customer awareness.

Customer Service

We respond to customer inquiries and strive to create better products by incorporating customer feedback into our product planning and development process.


“IPTOS” I-ne’s brand management system

IPTOS is a series of gates that control each step of product development, from brand planning to scaling. Each gate has its own KPI.
We record successes and failures at each gate and use this data to expedite a PDCA cycle. Through IPTOS, we’ve minimized risk and built knowledge about past successes and failures. This system allows us to generate hit products consistently with minimal risk.


Over 90% Accuracy Rate in Demand Forecasts for Haircare Products

Implementing IPTOS has significantly improved demand forecasting accuracy, particularly in predicting post-release Point of Sale (POS) data based on pre-launch surveys.
Based on the forecasts conducted in 2022, we achieved an impressive average forecast accuracy of 92.8% for brands BOTANIST, YOLU, and DROAS. Similarly, our success rate for new haircare brands launched in the past 3 years has exceeded 75%.