We work to create an environment and
community where no one is left behind.

Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Policy

The I-ne Group embraces and maximizes the mission of the “We are Social Beauty Innovators for Chain of Happiness” concept that begins with our products and extends to our customers, business partners, society, and the planet.
In the pursuit of the Chain of Happiness, it is imperative that our products and processes do not cause harm to anyone.
The Human Rights Policy is the commitment of the I-ne Group in pursuit of the Chain of Happiness.
By acting in accordance with this policy, we will contribute to the realization of a society in which the human rights of all people are respected and protected.

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With Our Employees

Efforts to Address Labor Issues

・Equal work and equal pay
We do not tolerate discrimination based on race, skin color, gender, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, family origin or other status, or for any other similar reason in compensation, promotion, and evaluation, and will pay equal wages for equal work.

・Prevention of Child Labor
In our employment regulations, it is explicitly stated that the company will only recruit those who are 18 years of age or older and wish to join the company. Candidates who have passed the prescribed procedures are hired as employees. To prevent child labor, we verify the age of each employee by using official documents as proof.

・Employment at the Shanghai Subsidiary
The Shanghai office has established and applied its own personnel system based on Chinese laws and labor market conditions.

Response to Health and Safety Risks

・Establishment of Health Management Committee
The Health Committee has been established to democratically reflect the will of employees working for the company, establish and maintain a workplace hygiene management system, promote work-life balance, maintain and promote employee health, and create a healthy and comfortable work environment.
Specifically, under the supervision of industrial physicians, the Health Committee prepares health columns sharing information on methods of stress assessment, effective rest practices, and measures for the prevention of infectious diseases.

With Local Communities and Society

Our Approach to Community and Social Contribution

The I-ne Group believes that by maximizing our “Chain of Happiness” mission, we can create both direct and indirect positive chains and contribute to the Earth and society.
It is crucial that our efforts to achieve this do not impose burdens on people around the world or the global environment.
In particular, identifying specific materiality sections presents both risks and opportunities in I-ne Group's business activities.
Contributing to society in these areas and resolving issues through our brands will contribute to a sustainable world and lead to the continued growth of our company.

To accomplish our mission, we will engage in social contribution activities with a focus on resolving high-priority issues (materiality) set by our company.
1.Carbon Neutral
2.Responsible Production and Transparency
3.Circular Economy
4.Forest and Water Conservation
5.Well-being and Inclusion
6.Poverty and Inequalities

In addition, we aim for a sustainable world through social contribution activities, including donations and employee volunteering, which extend beyond our business and products.
We have implemented a unique volunteer leave system to provide each employee with opportunities to engage in diverse social issues.

Community Contribution Activities

To promote efforts to addressing social issues, starting from 2023, we have granted all full-time employees a unique three-day volunteer leave that can be used on weekdays, providing opportunities for every employee to engage in various social issues.
This decision was based on an internal survey where the majority of employees expressed "interest" in participating in volunteer activities. To accommodate the diverse social issues that individual employees are passionate about, we allowed them to choose the organizations or facilities they wished to participate.
Volunteer activities also contribute to employee engagement and raise awareness of sustainability.
In a survey conducted among employees who participated in volunteer activities and community contribution initiatives, some said that they felt they were contributing to the company's mission and experienced positive changes in their views on sustainability.
In addition, 98% stated that they would like to continue participating in social contribution activities.

Forest Conservation Activities

As a social contribution activity linked to the contribution to “Forests and Water Conservation”, we organized a volunteer activity called the "Kyosei no Mori (Creating a symbiotic forest) project".
This project includes initiatives for forest conservation through the cooperation of various entities including prefectural residents, NPOs, companies, and government agencies, to create a forested environment and promote biodiversity and ecosystem within approximately 100 ha of area known as the “Sakai 7-3 District”, an industrial waste disposal site located in Osaka Bay.
With the cooperation of the NPO, Kyosei no Mori, 49 employees participated in this project in 2022, engaging in a wide range of activities such as thinning bamboo trees and other trees, weeding, regular observation of animals and plants, and making wooden playground equipment.
Through the experience of learning the importance of forest management, participants responded in a post-activity survey that "it was more rewarding and fulfilling than I had imagined contributing to society through physical activity in a context where I am not usually involved with nature" and "I became more aware of the company mission even more”.

Contribution to the Local Business Area (Osaka)

We conduct cleaning activities once a month in the vicinity of the Nakanoshima area, where the head office of I-ne is located.
Volunteer members spend 30 minutes before work and during breaks to clean up the area. The total amount of trash they picked up to date exceeds approximately 1,000 liters.

Social Contribution Activities

Names of volunteer organizations:
- Kyosei no Mori (NPO)
- Arakawa Clean-Aid Forum (NPO)
- Shonan CleanAid Forum (NPO)
- Ashiya Beach Club
- Bank for Smiles (Cosme Bank Project) and others

Feedback from employees who participated in the activities: *Survey conducted in January 2023.
- 89.5% stated that their communication with fellow employees increased through social contribution activities.
- 94.4% felt a sense of contribution to the mission through the social contribution activities.
- 93.6% responded that there was a positive change in their views of sustainability after participating in social contribution activities.