Developing an Array of Brands

Centered around Beauty

We offer a range of brands focused on haircare, beauty devices, and skincare, all aimed at unlocking the beauty potential of the people, society, and the planet.

A botanical lifestyle brand that believes living in harmony with plants leads to intrinsic richness.
It explores the potential of plant-derived ingredients and their benefits to support your botanical lifestyle.

Based on the concept of “Living in harmony with plants,” the brand strives to contribute to a more sustainable world through the plant conservation initiative “Botanist-no-Mori”(Botanist Forest in Japanese) and organizing events and content that allow people to experience the power of plants.

A minimal beauty device brand that empowers individuals to be themselves and live a positive life through beauty.

We aim to grow into a comprehensive beauty device brand centered around the concept of “BEAUTY is SIMPLE.” Through inclusive content marketing, we raise awareness of our skincare products and promote authentic beauty.

Unveiling Beauty in the Night.
A night care beauty brand that protects your hair from dryness and friction damage during sleep.

Let the last few minutes of your day be a time for a deep, rich beauty treatment that will work overnight to leave you refreshed and purified.
As a pioneer of the night care haircare market, we aim to expand the night care market further.

Natural eye care beauty brand that provides moisture for dry eyes, especially pre-makeup, for captivating glossy eyes.


A hydrating serum shampoo that repairs damage with every use. A beauty brand inspired by “Aqua Therapy.”


To forever feel like myself. A gray hair dye brand that colors you.


Haircare brand created by music artist Thelma Aoyama, mythm gives you happy and shiny hair in harmony with your natural rhythm.


“Enhancing beauty as you layer.” A skincare cosmetic brand that enriches the life of the aging generation together with our customers.


Science-based haircare brand produced in collaboration with artist Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Curuput features a carefully selected range of products that repairs damaged hair, helping you maintain your unique style in the future.


Salanaru is a pre-skincare brand that creates a clean canvas for your skin. A transformative cleansing gel that seamlessly transitions from a gel to oil to milk, providing effortless makeup removal without the need for rubbing.


Experience eye makeup that enhances your beauty and helps you discover a new version of yourself. Introducing an eye makeup brand, developed in collaboration with model and TV personality Akemi Darenogare, offering a range of products, including eyeliners and mascara.


DROAS is a total clay beauty brand that focuses on the functional properties of clay. It harnesses the power of clay to cultivate beauty for tomorrow.