When was the company founded?
March 8, 2007.
When were the company’s shares listed?
September 25, 2020.
What is the company’s listing securities exchange?
Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers.
What is the company’s securities code?
The code is 4933, and the industry category is “4933 Chemicals.”
How many shares are in one trading unit?
One trading unit is 100 shares.
When is the end of the fiscal year?
December 31 of each year.
When is the financial results announced?
Please refer to the “Investor Calendar” (Japanese only).
When is the General Meeting of Shareholders held?
Please refer to the “Share Information” (Japanese only).
What is the company’s business?
Please refer to the “Business.”
What is the forecast of financial results?
Please refer to the “Summary of Financial Results” (Japanese only).