CEO Message

As a beauty tech company, we want our customers around the world to have happy experiences through our “innovative ideas and marketing

I-ne Co., Ltd.  was listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) Mothers on September 25, 2020.
The company has set as its mission creating a “Chain of Happiness,” that is, making the world happy through its products, and develops brands and products in a wide range of categories based on the concept of enriching consumer lifestyles. In the beauty care industry, it has created BOTANIST, SALONIA, and other brands.

All officers and employees will work together and make even greater efforts to bring joy and smiles to customers and their families and happiness to business partners and their families, local communities and the global environment, and the Company’s own employees and their families through employment and profits so that we can accelerate growth even further under this unique business model and become a beauty tech company representative of Asia.

I request the continued support and guidance of our shareholders and investors.

Yohei Onishi
President and CEO
I-ne Co., Ltd.