Corporate Philosophy

We are Social Beauty Innovators
for Chain of Happiness.

As social beauty innovators,
we bring happy experiences to our bosses (customers) worldwide through innovative ideas and marketing.

NEW MISSIONWe are Social Beauty Innovators for Chain of Happiness

STORYThe Chain of Happiness Starts with Our Customers.

We don’t give customers tangible products—we give them happy experiences.

“Your product solved my daughter’s problem. Now she goes to school with peace of mind.”
“It was a present from my daughter. I’ll treasure this memory for life.”

Happy experiences such as these are what we deliver to customers through our products.
We aim to initiate a chain of happiness that extends from our products to our customers, business partners, the local community, and even the global environment, maximizing its impact and reach.

Our Company Introduction Video

I-ne co.,ltd./ Introduction.


Respect Be thankful, humble, and kind to one another to build a top team and achieve maximum performance.

Commit Be chaos players—go-getters who enjoy a challenge and commit to seeing it through.

Innovate We are Innovators!
Innovation never ends.
Let’s think outside the box and continuously generate new ideas.


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    See from the perspective of our bosses (customers)
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    24/7 input
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    Challenge & Commit
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    Knowledge & Share
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    Get the basics right.