Actions to Contribute

to the Development of Sustainable Society

We, I-ne, are striving to lessen the environmental burden while ensuring our business activities remain efficient, so that we can do our bit to preserve the global environment and realize a sustainable society.

Live With Plants:
BOTANIST Activities

Since July 2017, the BOTANIST brand has been donating to the Save the Orangutan Forest Restoration Project in Indonesia, which is run by the forest conservation organization “More Trees.”

More Trees is a forest conservation organization that was established by the Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto as its main promoter. It runs various initiatives centering on the key theme of “connecting cities and forests,” with the aim of realizing a society where forests and people can continually coexist.

At BOTANIST Tokyo, our flagship store, we have put a More Trees donation box for customers who may also like to donate to the organization.

Creating a New Employment Model

VEDAINK is where we carry out the full fabrication of printed t-shirts and other textile products. At the I-ne factory, our expert staff with extensive experience in a wide range of print and processing technologies are constantly attuned to what’s new on the market, and continually challenge themselves to create an infinite range of expressions and styles.

We are aiming to create a new employment model in Japan by offering a workplace where both people with and without disabilities can utilize their skills, and fostering an environment in which all workers acknowledge each other’s individuality.

Sustainable Development Goals

Through our corporate activities, I-ne is contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted in the United Nations in September 2015.

Achieve Gender Equality• 40.5% of managers are women (as of Sep.2017)
• Short-time work system
• Childcare leave system
• Setting up childcare spaces
Create an Employment Model for Persons With DisabilitiesVEDAINK

Make Products More Eco-Friendly• Abolition of use of plastic straws at BOTANIST Tokyo

Promote the Use of “Green” Paper• Use eco-friendly paper for all promotional materials (leaflets, brochures, and sample mounts) handed out to BOTANIST customers.